Mentoring and Training

Regardless of occupation, discipline and market sector, everyone manages projects - working on new, complex or unique activities, with different people and diverse resources. Yet project management is not always recognized as a core competency and many projects fail.

My approach to project management provides a clear path from knowledge delivery to one-to-one project coaching - enabling project managers to deliver the business benefits expected from their projects. When projects are tackled at the outset and project scope becomes clearly defined, planning, resource efficiency and communications are improved. I help ensure early risk identification and mitigation, backed by appropriate measurement.

My approach turns the risk of project failure into the certainty of project success. Embedded behaviours result in continuous improvement, increased staff morale and repeatable success. Whatever its nature, my applied techniques develop participants’ skills allowing them to succeed. The result is a clear set of questions satisfied by shrewd new answers that solve, improve and propel the business forward.

I help clients to achieve corporate objectives by honing the essential skills which underpin all successful business transactions.

Personal effectiveness is the critical foundation of my programs, equipping staff and managers with the tools and rules they need to maximize their potential.

Performance becomes more productive, satisfying and effective.
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Personal effectiveness is the critical foundation of my programs...
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