Business IT Alignment

Alignment is about fit; that is, the mutually-supportive relationships between the goals, technologies and processes of a project. Projects that exhibit good alignment are constantly being fine-tuned to ensure all their facets are internally consistent and mutually reinforcing. Of course, achieving alignment requires all of the features of a project be well understood, commonly known, effectively articulated and consistently realigned.

Ensuring your project is aligned to business objectives is one of the key responsibilities of mine. It is my belief only the client should make the key decisions about their projects, however I also believe I have the responsibility to help the client make informed choices.

Clients hire Innovalign for my ability to apply innovative suggestions and solutions to their specific problems. It's my strength and what sets me apart from other consultants.

Misalignment usually comes as a surprise because no one thinks to monitor it.

Everyone assumes that everyone else shares their vision for the project.

Unfortunately, unspoken assumptions are rarely shared by all members of a project team.

Misalignment does not occur at those unfortunate moments when a client complains.

Thatís just the time at which the recognition occurs.

The misalignment accumulates in the project over time.

The sooner it is recognized, the smaller the difficulty is likely to be.

I recognize building and maintaining business and technology alignment represents one of the most crucial and difficult aspects of consulting.

Doing it well creates a long, productive client relationship while avoiding those surprise conversations that we all dread.
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