Business Analysis

I have delivered sustainable change and improvement in many organizations.

I work with organizations at the executive level to establish what outcomes are required. Once this is established, I work with management and operation staff to build skills, competencies and knowledge about change, as well as delivery and sustainability of the specific changes needed.

I challenge the status quo, outcomes, processes, culture and encourage innovation, analysis, testing, training and sharing.

I don't just present you with a solution and then leave. I stay and see your changes through to a successful conclusion or until you feel you are equipped to take them forward for yourselves. Most importantly, when I do leave, you have the structures, tools, skills and enthusiasm to keep on improving.

I "partner" with clients in achieving their goals by providing innovative and customized solutions in a way that is practical, thoughtful and promotes self sufficiency.

I am skilled at designing processes and integrating them into effective working solutions.

I provide a wide range of business analysis services that can add value to your organization.

I pride myself on not being a stereotypical consultant by leaving organizations to implement my advice, I roll up my sleeves and become "hands-on" - as I very much believe in adding real tangible value through seeing my advice/solutions to conclusion.

What ever stage your organization is in I can help, whether through advice, or providing a "hands on" comprehensive solution.

Give me a call to discuss how I may be able to help you achieve your goals.
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I "partner" with clients in achieving their goals by providing innovative and customized solutions
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